Challenge Coins - Bringing People Together

As I have been working on our new website for Combatbet Custom Challenge Coins, something has really struck me about the product that we offer.  I am realizing that these custom challenge coins have an amazing effect on the people who give them out, and who receive them.  These people are brought together in a moment of togetherness!

In a time where our country is so divided, and people are finding so many reasons to be against each other, a challenge coin given to someone is a great sign of respect and appreciation.  I had such a great time looking through the photos that our customers have sent in over the years.  You can see these pictures in our Photo Gallery...check out the smiles on peoples' faces.  We at Combatbet are honored to have been a part of each and every one of these smiles!

Military challenge coin "coining" photo.

The photo above is definitely one of my favorites!  Here's the story from our customer Pappy J:

Team COMBATBET: Crew - I know these are not great pictures - but just had to share. Captain America (a very YOUNG version) was in our Pharmacy Lobby yesterday. I just had to coin him with one of my Pappy J Chips. :)

Thought this would make your day. His Mom (who I'm actually handing the coin to) said when he got home he was THRILLED that he'd been recognized as Capt America. :)

I can only imagine the smile on this little boy's face when he was recognized by US Air Force Colonel and coined!  There is a great tradition of challenge coins in the Air Force, and this young man is now a part of that tradition!  I bet he still remembers this moment with great happiness...I know I do, and I wasn't even there!


Challenge coin trading with Olympic Cyclist.

The next photo that stands out to me is this photo send in by one of our customers this summer.  He had purchased our custom metal challenge coins to commemorate the memorial he was a part of constructing.  They had a special visitor come to the memorial...US Olympic Cyclist Chloe Woodruff!  Here's what he said about the photo:

So my coin that you mad a few weeks back was well received. So yesterday my buddy who we constructed that memorial for had a special visitor yesterday. This young lady in the picture is Chloe Woodruff and she is on the US Cycling team headed to Rio for the Olympics and it just so happens that she is now headed there with one of the coins and I have attached a picture. 

How cool is that?! He traded coins with a United States Olympian!  What a great experience, and I'm sure he will remember that meeting for many years to come.


Police challenge coins

In a world where there is so much tension between countries, it's great to see a photo like this one.  This picture was sent in by the Miami Dade Police Department.  It shows them meeting with members of the Guatemalan Policía Nacional Civil, and presenting them with their district coins.  What a great offering to break the ice when you meet new people!  

Our custom chips are used in many different ways.  Some of the coins we make are quite humorous, just as mentioned in this article about CIA challenge coins.There are still new ways to use them that we haven't even thought of.  We are very happy to see the positive impact that our products can make in our customers' lives.  It is always nice to get to see photos of the chips and challenge coins "in action", so if you would like to share a photo with us, we would love to see it!  How do you use your Combatbet challenge coins?  Please comment below and let us know!


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