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CombatBet is the industry leader of custom military poker chips and law enforcement challenge coins! We continue to grow each and every year and love working with military, law enforcement, EMS, fire departments, entrepreneurs, school booster clubs, special event planners, churches and clubs! Our police challenge coins and firefighter challenge coins are top notch. We hope to earn your business! KEEPING YOU MOTIVATED SINCE 2006

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Military challenge coins are a powerful, iconic symbol of unity, shared experience and the strength of unbreakable bonds only those in the military services truly know. Challenge coins have a storied history rich with meaning and significance. For over a hundred years now, they've been given between proud American military service members. The first custom military challenge coin was the work of an American pilot in 1917. He had finely imprinted coins made for his squadron pilots during the air and trench warfare of World War I. The recent movie "Hunter Killer" features a telling scene where a U.S. Navy submarine captain (Gerald Butler, the star of the movie) proudly shows his first (and battle-tested) sub's challenge coin to his COB. It's a particularly moving scene and millions saw it in theaters and at home. Custom military (Navy, Air Force, Army, Marines, Coast Guard) challenge coins made for your unit (or any commemorative event) are a powerfully honoring reminder of the esprit de corps you and your fellow comrades-in-arms live by. Combatbet's military custom challenge coins are USA manufactured. We don't farm out our coin orders to be manufactured in China or elsewhere. We're profoundly proud of that, and proud we're providing our coin crafting service to military and law enforcement men and women. These coins are skillfully made to your art specifications and with complete attention to all the details of the coins.  This means you can create very relevant mementos for your unit or group. We are the  leader in premium crafting custom military challenge coins. Our challenge coins are made right here in the USA. 

As well, we work with law enforcement units, first responders, businesses, and civic groups. If your interest is military custom poker chips - we offer our same premium craftsmanship for your unit's chips. Ultimately what you receive is the highest quality coins or chips at the lowest cost prices. Use our easy ordering process, or call us to quickly assist you with your order.

The camaraderie of military units is legendary and celebrated, as it is for law enforcement and first responders. Our goal as a USA manufacturer of challenge coins for sale is to produce the finest quality possible. These, of course, are not just coins for exchanging or unifying, but are symbols of thousands of experiences expressing the bond of men and women serving together. We understand this ethos, and use our expertise to capture it. We work closely with you on every stage of the process. We're online for convenient "near me" searches so you get the best quality coins quickly. Marines, Navy, Army, Air Force challenge coins custom made with your artwork - let our team handle all your coin work for the best prices, workmanship and delivery. 

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Good morning Gene, I wanted to thank everyone at Combat Bet.  The custom challenge coins were awesome.  They arrived as promised and exceeded expectations.  It was a great inexpensive way to say thank you to friends and loved ones who attended my retirement ceremony and reception, and coworkers who I was close to. 

Your product is excellent quality and the service is top shelf. It was a pleasure working with you and your staff.

Dan K. MGySgt USMC (Ret.)

Gene, Sir, I received the coins the other day and they were absolutely perfect.  I wasn't expecting the lettering around the perimeter...that was a nice surprise/touch.  Laura -- thank you for putting together such a great representation of my last deployment's is even better than its predecessor. My squadron was thrilled. Thank you both for delivering such a wonderful and affordable product. I really appreciate what you guys were able to do for my squadron.

Lt. Col. Mike G. USAF

Got my chips yesterday!  The look great!  Thanks for the quick response! I really liked the metal challenge coin!  Great product!  Thanks again for the amazing customer services!

Doug A. USAF

Thanks so much for the great customer and your company are super! For the folks that I've given chips to so far, they really love the design, and really appreciate being recognized. Your chips are the best value "in town".

CAPT Jim. D, Director, Maritime Supplier Operations

Thank you very much.  Also, thank you for understanding about the XXXX date.  I'm the lead case agent on what now is an international XXXX and on XXXX we will be arresting about 20 of these folks around the country.  The coin is just my token of appreciation to everyone who has helped me on this case.  Which is about 200 folks. If I need to order more of the same design,  I'll just send you an email before I order it. I appreciate everything Combatbet has done and for your service to our country.  I am also a reservist and will share your company's information with the other officers at my unit.

Special Agent Anthony R.