Combatbet Challenge Coins

The leader in custom military challenge coins and ceramic poker chips.


At CombatBet we believe that there is a unique story behind every coin that we make. We’re the industry leader of custom ceramic challenge coins. Our goal is to help commemorate those special moments in life—whether it’s a special event, a working K9, or a military group, CombatBet challenge coins provide tangible memories for you to carry with you forever.

We have years of experience working with EMS, fire departments, military families, law enforcement agencies, entrepreneurs, special event planners, churches, and clubs. Our coins are top quality, manufactured in the United States, and delivered straight to your door.

We’ll help preserve your story and create lasting memories for you and your peers. Simply put, CombatBet has the best prices, craftsmanship, and customer service.

CombatBet—Keeping you motivated since 2006.


Here's a quick story about how we're gotten to where we are today.

We take great pride in making challenge coins that you will be proud to give to those people who have been a part of your life!