Custom Art Design Fee Included

If you are designing multiple chips at once or have a complex idea, please email for a quote. *Art fees for any amount other than the Standard $50 art fee must be approved/quoted by CombatBet prior to submitting.

STEP 2 - **EMAIL YOUR IDEAS to for the front, back + edge of your chip. Please also include which size you are thinking of ordering so that we can design appropriately for that size. 

(39mm, 43mm, 46mm, 49mm, metal coin)

You are authorized up to two revisions with our design team after receiving your initial proof. If more revisions are required (rare), a new art fee may apply.

**NOTE - Custom illustration design requests not included in $50 art fee pricing.

Aren't sure whether your design will require the artwork fee? Only a very small handful of designs that we receive are "print-ready". If you are not a professional and do not have access to professional design software, you'll likely need to submit the fee. Laura does a fantastic job sprucing up rough drafts and we are confident that you'll be much more satisfied with your chips if she creates your design. Please review our customer-submitted artwork disclaimer below & feel free to email us with any questions! 


To be considered “Print-Ready”, your artwork needs to be already set up as a chip or coin, high enough resolution for print, and cannot need any changes or additions before going into production. If you have a collection of logos, graphics, text, etc. that need to be put together into a full chip/coin design, the $50 artwork fee is required. The artwork fee is intended for our graphic artist to take all of your logos/graphics/ideas and create a full, print-ready design, or to “spruce up” a rough draft. If you are not a professional graphic designer, we HIGHLY recommend submitting the $50 artwork fee so that you are completely satisfied with the outcome. We are not able to ensure that every aspect of your design is properly spaced, centered & consistent unless we create the design for you. A prototype chip will be required for all customers using their own artwork so that the chip can be approved in person before producing a full batch. Prototype chips cost $10 (including shipping) and do not include rolling edge printing. They are printed & shipped within 1-2 business days of payment. This can add up to a week or more to production time depending on how long it takes for you to receive & approve your prototype, and therefore we are unable to use customer-submitted artwork for rush orders. Please contact us by email if you'd like to use your own artwork & we will send you an invoice for the prototype, along with an artwork proof to approve before we print your prototype. 

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