CombatBet Custom Challenge Coins

Thanks for taking a break to check us out. We're on a mission to help commemorate life's special moments. Custom challenge coins are tangible memories that you carry—keeping your favorite moments close by forever. 

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Custom challenge coins great for

  • Military Units & Individuals
  • Law Enforcement
  • Fire Fighters & EMT
  • K9 Handlers
  • Churches & Civic Groups
  • Business Parties, Corporate Retreats, Team Recognition
  • Birthday Parties
  • Weddings
  • Anything you can imagine!

Detailed, Full-Color, & High-Quality

Unlike traditional die cast challenge coins, ceramic challenge coins provide the ability to create detailed, full-color, and high-quality designs on virtually every part of the coin—even the edge.

Our printing process ensures that your custom challenge coins are picture perfect. Ceramic challenge coins are a cost-effective way to design custom challenge coins without sacrificing quality.


SSG Christopher G.

US National Guard

“Please extend my greatest and sincerest appreciations to your team! I received my coins today, and I am absolutely. Blown. Away!! The quality is incredible. The speed and ease of ordering is next level.”

Daniel M.


"The coins arrived and WE LOVE THEM!!  Many thanks to you all for helping to make this project happen." 


Police Officer & K9 Handler

"Great Product + Great Customer Service = GREAT COMPANY.  Thank you @combatbet for making the process simple and smooth.  A MUST for ANY and ALL K9 teams!  We will definitely be coming back for future projects."


1. Coin Size & Quantity

First, select the coin size that works best for your project and the quantity of challenge coins you'd like.

2. Coin Artwork & Design

Then, upload your logo, desired images, or ideas for your custom challenge coins. We accept completed designs or we can work our magic to make your idea come to life.

3. Order Confirmation

Lastly, you'll confirm your design and order and, that's it! Get excited—we'll update you when your order ships. 


We have a variety of coin sizes and styles to choose from. At CombatBet we believe that there's a unique story behind every challenge coin. Whether it's a special event, a military group, or anthing inbetween, we have the perfect coin for you.

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