Custom Air Force Challenge Coins - Top Quality, Lowest Prices

Challenge coins in our modern military culture are a feature of the history of the early American Air Force pilots participating in World War I. The U.S. Air Force has participated in many of the most important military and peace-keeping missions since its first two-winged airplanes (and ace pilots such as Captain Eddie Rickenbacker) were flying as the American Expeditionary Force in WWI in 1917. It was out of this flying group in WWI that one particular story on the origins of challenge coins in our modern military culture emerges. A wealthy American flying squadron officer had bronze coins struck with the squadron's insignia, and he distributed them to each of his pilots before they went on missions over the German lines. One of the pilots was shot down, captured by Germans, stripped of all personal belongings and identification. They let him keep his uniform and his coin. Later, he escaped and the squadron coin saved him from being labeled a spy by the French, and he was returned to his unit. 

Our custom art Air Force challenge coins capture the modern spirit of air men and women, and the past spirit of the fearless flying air men of the first squadron to possess challenge coins.  Our detail and crafting brought to each US Air Force coin order we receive is, in a word, extraordinary. It is meant to be best possible, superior in all ways. Your unit deserves the best aviation challenge coin in quality and execution of the art (submitted to us by email), the lowest competitive prices, and our well-appreciated fast, careful delivery. 

Our chips can be completely customized...both front, back and edge, in full color. These U.S. Air Force challenge coins are offered in a minimum quantity of 100 chips, with pricing discounts at 500 and 1000 chips. Here is a link to our Challenge Coin Pricing by size and quantity.