Custom Army Challenge Coins - Best Quality, Lowest Prices

Our USA made custom U.S. Army challenge coins are meant to be the best quality possible, every aspect of them superbly crafted. Fom start to finish we approach your coin order with the honoring spirit we hold for Army service members and veterans, and with our philosophy of crafting and the best customer service available. Army challenge coins with custom art imprinting are immensely popular among current US army members and veterans of this historically important, storied and vital branch of the American military. The tradition of socially or professionally showing or exchanging challenge coins goes back over one hundred years. They evoke camaraderie among soldiers who serve or served together, and are even an accepted form of informal security - in proving identity. They're shown with pride at social or relaxation gatherings, sometimes exchanged as a mark of friendship or acceptance into a unit.

Army challenge coins can be customized with emblems or art of a unit, command, an event, a passage, an act, or any binding identity. Our custom Army challenge coins use your artwork and aesthetic choices to create an emblematic memento that captures the strength of spoken and unspoken bonds between soldiers in specific times and places. They can be historic or contemporary. We're delighted and honored to work with you. Please call us today with any questions you have. 

Our chips can be completely customized...both front, back and edge, in rich color. These custom U.S. Army challenge coins are offered with a minimum quantity of 100 chips, with pricing discounts at 500 and 1000 chips. Here is a link to our Challenge Coin Pricing by size and quantity.