Some Frequent Questions About CombatBet

Why choose CombatBet?

We started the poker chip trend for military and law enforcement in the summer of 2006. Word traveled quickly and due to your kind referrals, business has been non-stop ever since. Thanks to an article in the Marine Corps Times back in 2009, CombatBet chips gained popularity with all branches of the Armed Forces and supporting agencies. With the chip boom came competitors. We know you have a choice when it comes to your custom poker chips and hope to earn your business. Our team works very hard to provide our clients with excellent customer service and a quality product at a fair price.

What are Ceramic Poker Chips?

Ceramic poker chips are not made out of a real ceramic material or porcelain, but are made of a high density polymer composite material which mimics the feel and sound of actual ceramic. The material used has the ability to accept high resolution full color graphics which are printed directly to the chip material. Both faces and the edge of a CombatBet chip can be completely customized. The image is part of the chip. It is not a sticker or label. Add text on the edge, or any other "floating" edge design, for no additional charge!

How long will it take to make my chips?

Average turnaround time is 2 weeks or less, shipped either US Priority Mail or FedEx. All orders ship from our facility in Northern California. We will follow up with your tracking number the minute they're en route.

Is the $50 custom design fee required for every order?

We highly recommend it, and only a very small handful of designs that we receive are "print-ready". If a professional graphic designer did not create your design, and you do not have access to professional design software such as the Adobe Creative Suite, we highly recommend that you submit the artwork fee. It is nearly impossible to ensure text is perfectly rounded, centered & spaced using PowerPoint. The $50 fee includes a front, back & rolling edge design (no rolling edge printing on metal coins) as well as up to two rounds of revisions after receiving your first proof if you need them. This is a one-time fee to design your chip, and your artwork files are saved for reorders. Please review our customer submitted artwork disclaimer below before submitting your artwork, and feel free to email us with any questions!


To be considered “Print-Ready”, your artwork needs to be already set up as a chip or coin, high enough resolution for print, and cannot need any changes or additions before going into production. If you have a collection of logos, graphics, text, etc. that need to be put together into a full chip/coin design, the $50 artwork fee is required. The artwork fee is intended for our graphic artist to take all of your logos/graphics/ideas and create a full, print-ready design, or to “spruce up” a rough draft. If you are not a professional graphic designer, we HIGHLY recommend submitting the $50 artwork fee so that you are completely satisfied with the outcome. We are not able to ensure that every aspect of your design is properly spaced, centered & consistent unless we create the design for you. A prototype chip will be required for all customers using their own artwork so that the chip can be approved in person before producing a full batch. Prototype chips cost $10 (including shipping) and do not include rolling edge printing. They are printed & shipped within 1-2 business days of payment. This can add up to a week or more to production time depending on how long it takes for you to receive & approve your prototype, and therefore we are unable to use customer-submitted artwork for rush orders. Please contact us by email if you'd like to use your own artwork & we will send you an invoice for the prototype, along with an artwork proof to approve before we print your prototype. 

What is the difference between Metal Challenge Coins and Ceramic Challenge Coins/Poker Chips?

CombatBet began back in 2006 during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Our chips are not intended to be replacements for metal coins. Coins are very special and have earned their place in history. CombatBet chips are an affordable option for units to hand out for a job well done or deployment. They make great keepsakes at retirement ceremonies, special events, trade shows and promotions. Police departments trade their custom chips with other government agencies and use them as swag during large operations. Chips make it possible for unit commanders to afford a special memento for their troops.

Do you sell custom Metal Challenge Coins?

We now offer custom 1.75" metal coins! These coins feature your full color artwork on both sides. No minimum order...that's right...order as few as one coin! The metal coins are nice and heavy, weighing 24 grams (twice the weight of our 43mm ceramic chips).