Firefighter Challenge Coins Information

San Francisco Police Department Challenge Coins

"The coins arrived and WE LOVE THEM!!  Many thanks to you all for helping to make this project happen." -Daniel M. EMT-P SFFD

We love hearing responses like this when firefighters receive their coins!  Our firefighter challenge coins have been a huge hit with our customers.  Either give them to special people you meet, or use them as a fundraiser!  They are very affordable, and are highly collectible!

EMS Emergency Medical Services custom challenge coins – high quality, low price.

Our metal challenge coins are a great choice to use as a fire department membership token.  Since we offer these with no minimum order, they are a great alternative for even the smallest fire depts.  

You can see these firefighter challenge coins were given to those members on the B shift, and features the names of all the firefighters.  This is the silver rope option, we also offer a gold rope metal coin option.


Firefighter custom artwork challenge coins – departments, units – lowest pricing.

This artwork is for ceramic chips that we manufactured for the Professional Firefighters of Cedar Hills.  This is another great example of fire department challenge coins being used as membership tokens within their group.  

The bottom artwork shows the edge of the chips, reading Strength, Brotherhood, Courage, Loyalty.  The ceramic chips can be customized on front, back, and edge.  These firefighter challenge coins are a wonderful symbol to bring the group together.

Winter Park Fire and Rescue Challenge Coins

This artwork was created for the Winter Park Fire Department C Shift.  This is another great example of firefighter challenge coins that would be given to all of the members of a certain shift.  These ceramic chips come in several sizes, with the 43mm and 46mm sizes being the most popular with our fire department customers.

Gwinnett Fire Haz Mat challenge coins

These ceramic chips were made for the haz mat division of the Gwinnett Fire department.  The tokens are a fun way to build comradery amongst the members of your fire dept!  

Firefighter Training Completion Challenge Coins

Our ceramic chips make great awards for training completion.  We all know how important training is in the life of a firefighter.  They face extremely dangerous situations on a daily basis, and it is the training they go through which allows a firefighter to go home every night.  

These tokens are a unique way to recognize the training completion of the members in your fire department.

Fire Chief Challenge Coins

Our firefighter challenge coins make a unique business card.  Here's an example of a Fire Chief business card chip.  This is also a great token to give to distinguished members of other fire departments, or to people that a firefighter helps throughout their day.  

A fire can be a traumatic experience in a person's life.  What a great momento it would be for a firefighter to give to a child who has just gone through a difficult experience! 

 Fire Dept Fundraising Challenge Coins

We all know that funding for Fire Departments is getting more and more difficult to come by.  This is an example of chips that were used in a fundraiser to support families of fallen Law Enforcement and Firefighters.

Firefighter memorial chips

These chips from the Savannah Fire Department show two different uses in one.  They are used as memorial chips, as well as tokens to commemorate their annual St. Patrick's day celebration.  What a nice way to honor those who are no longer with us!

NVV Fire Department Challenge Coins

The Nevada Volunteer Fire Department challenge coins show several different ways to use these chips and coins.  It is a combination of our ceramic chips, as well as the silver rope metal coins.  At the top, you see 43mm ceramic chips that are used as "Thank you" tokens.  These could be used to recognize financial donations or people who volunteer their time and efforts to help.  

The second row shows a membership coin example.  This one is the First Responder coin, and each of the First Responders would get one of these chips.

The bottom row shows the metal firefighter challenge coins being used as awards. Examples of these include Volunteer of the Year and Rookie of the Year.  Since there is no minimum quantity on the metal coins, they are ideal for awards! 

The firefighter challenge coins are a great way to reward those who donate their time and financially to support fire departments.  The chips are an inexpensive way to show the appreciation to those who have supported the fire dept.

Firefighters with our challenge coins

There are many ways that firefighters use our challenge coins.  Our metal coins are great for small quantities as there is no minimum quantity.  The ceramic coins are perfect for larger quantities (100 minimum chip order) and are an inexpensive alternative to traditional metal challenge coins.  Thanks to the Miami Township 50 Truck for sending in this photo! We look forward to working with you to create your custom firefighter challenge coins!