K9 Challenge Coins

K9 Challenge Coins - K9 Rony Freaking Awesome

"The chips look FREAKING AMAZING in person!"  -@k9_rony on Instagram

We were so happy to get this message from K9 Rony's handler when their K9 Challenge Coins arrived. 

K9 Challenge Coins are one of our favorite types of coins to manufacture.  Who wouldn't enjoy looking at these awesome working dogs?!  

Oakley Police Department K9 Challenge Coins

Police Officer custom challenge coin

"Great Product + Great Customer Service = GREAT COMPANY.  Thank you @combatbet for making the process simple and smooth.  A MUST for ANY and ALL K9 teams!  We will definitely be coming back for future projects."  -@k9koda_22k91 on Instagram

It is so awesome to see posts like this on social media!  We are very proud of our work, and it is extremely rewarding to know that our customers want to share their experiences with us with their friends and followers!

Custom poker chip challenge coin - K9 Raider

"When I got them, I was blown away by them.  My Chief loves it.  It's a solid, solid product.  It was such and easy process, thanks for making it easy and making good stuff!" -@adps_k9_raider on Instragram

K9 Sonny law enforcement challenge coinsK9 Sonny with his custom challenge coins

"Thanks again for our challenge coins.  They look amazing!  I can't tell you how cool it is to see the smiles on everyone's face after they have been handed a coin.  I look forward to working with you in the future" -@clinton_police_k9 on Instagram

 Chicago Police Department - TSA Challenge Coins  K9 Rozi

We offer a special K9 Starter Pack which includes the artwork design, 60 ceramic 43mm coins, and US shipping.  This is a great way to get started with our custom K9 challenge coins, while keeping the cost lower with a smaller quantity of coins than our normal minimums. 

Ceramic Poker Chip style K9 challenge coinsMetal K9 custom Challenge Coins

The majority of our K9 team customers choose our 43mm ceramic coins, but you can always go with a different size, or even our metal coins.  There is no minimum on the metal coins, so if you want to add just a few of them to your ceramic coin order, it's a great way to have some "extra special" coins to hand out for the most important recipients.

Clackamas County K9 Police Challenge Coins

"They turned out AMAZING!!!" -@clackamask9 on Instagram
The Clackamas County Sheriff's Office K9 Units are using their custom challenge coins for fundraising - what a great way to celebrate working K9's, and help support your favorite charitable causes!  Visit clackamask9.org to support them - they sell the coins individually, or in a complete set!

Typically our artwork design fee is $50 which includes the design/setup for 1 front + 1 back + rolling edge.  We are now offering special pricing for departments who would like to use a common front, and different back for each dog.  Each additional back is $25, and every 6th dog is free!

K9 art fee by number of dogs

If you need to order a quantity with a half artwork fee - please email gene@combatbet.com for a custom invoice.  The artwork design/setup is a one time fee - when you run out of coins and are ready to reorder with the same artwork, there is no setup fee!