Police - Sheriff Custom Challenge Coins & Custom Imprinted Law Enforcement Challenge Coins

Custom police or sheriff challenge coins - made in the U.S.A by Combatbet -  extraordinary quality, competitive pricing, and bespoke customer service. We proudly serve police departments, police officer units and sheriff departments from all towns, cities and states in the USA. The Thin Blue Line deserves challenge coins that artfully memorialize people, units, events and more, and we're here to make these mementoes as superb as they can be.

Our reputation is well known nationally for imprinted challenge coins. Whatever your art need within police units or stations, sheriff county and city departments, our team works closely with you to achieve a coin that is exactly as you envision it. We're here to help in every step of the process. For fallen officers challenge coins we bring you honoring detail with a deeply caring approach and philosophy. Call us today to talk over your order. The ordering steps are easy as you can see below. We’re craftspeople, work fast yet with skill, and offer affordable low prices. Rest assured your police officer appreciation coins will be finely crafted in style and execution. Thin blue line challenge coins are among our company's specialties – always done with skilled care in bringing your art to your coins. We're online for convenient "near me" searches to purchase metal challenge coins. 

Our chips can be completely customized...both front, back and edge, in full color. These law enforcement challenge coins are offered with a minimum quantity of 100 chips, with pricing discounts at 500 and 1000 chips. Here is a link to our Challenge Coin Pricing by size and quantity.

Our metal police challenge coins feature a full color image in the center of a 1.75" coin.  The coins are offered in both gold and silver colors, and feature a rope border.  The image is dyed into a metal disk which is adhered to the coins.  The printing is vibrant and stunning!

We can create custom police challenge coins for you!  Below are some of our previous orders!

Remember, we’re here for all unit or civic, business or faith groups. So call us to talk over your needs. We’re happy to help advise you. Near me for searches.

Fallen officer to thin blue line custom challenge coins, to order, for sale, near me.

Our metal police challenge coins are truly stunning!  Check out the vibrancy of the logos on these coins for the Wellsville Police Department K9 Unit.  Our metal coins are available in either silver rope or gold rope border, with the custom imprinted centers.  The images are dyed into a metal disc, which is adhered to the coins.  Not only is the appearance of these coins very impressive, but even more amazing is the fact that there is no minimum quantity on these custom coins!  That is correct...you can order as few as one coin!  Many of our customers who purchase our ceramic chips will also order some of these metal coins with the same artwork to pass out for very special occasions or to keep as presentation pieces.  We look forward to working with you to make law enforcement challenge coins for your agency!

Police Detroit, Florida, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles custom challenge coins.

Our ceramic custom police challenge coins are our most popular items.  We offer the ceramic chips in 39mm, 43mm, 46mm, and 49mm diameters.  39mm is a standard poker chip size, and the 49mm chips are nearly twice as thick as standard poker chips.  As you can see, we can use photos, logos, text, etc. on these custom chips.  These Glendale Police Challenge Coins are a great example to show what we can do for your police department!  We hope that these photos help encourage you to start an order of custom law enforcement challenge coins with CombatBet!

Police Officer Appreciation Challenge CoinsThese police officer appreciation challenge coins are a stock item in our store.  They are a remarkable gift to show how much you appreciate an officer who has helped you in some way.  We know that law enforcement officers are very courageous, and make tremendous sacrifices to help their communities.  What a fantastic way to thank them for protecting and serving! Our metal challenge coins can be customized, and there is no minimum order.  That's right...you can order as few as one of these metal police challenge coins!

K9 Police Challenge Coins

The Ceres Police Department had us make these ceramic chips for each of their K9 officers.  What a great token to be able to give to a child who loves dogs and gets to meet one of these canine officers!  As you can see, we can use logos, photos, whatever you like to put on the chips.  

Chief of Police Challenge Coins

Our custom ceramic chips are perfect police challenge coins for any officer.  Here's an example of 43mm coins that we manufactured for the Chief of Police in a town in Michigan.  The full color graphics really make these "pop".  These are an amazing, inexpensive alternative to traditional law enforcement challenge coins that are extremely expensive!  

Law Enforcement Challenge Coins for volunteers

Volunteers are extremely important in the success of a police department.  Our ceramic law enforcement challenge coins make outstanding tokens of appreciation to give to those who selflessly dedicate their time and resources to help.  These chips are a fantastic method of recognizing volunteers, while staying within a limited budget. A small token of appreciation definitely goes a long way!

Jail Dog Police Challenge CoinsThe Gwinnett County Jail Dog program is a unique law enforcement agency - they work to save dogs whose owners have run into trouble.  What a great effort to make a positive impact, both for the animals and for their owners!


Sheriff Challenge Coin artwork Sheriff Challenge Coins Photo

Here we have the artwork and finished photo of ceramic chips for a Sheriff's Office Jail Intelligence Division.  It's always nice to see the law enforcement challenge coins in "real life" from our customers!  You can see the noted pink handcuffs used in this line of work made it onto the chips - a custom touch to make sure the chips are personalized exactly as appropriate.

SWAT Challenge Coins OK SWAT Challenge Coins

We enjoy seeing our law enforcement challenge coins being proudly displayed.  Here's a photo of a Police SWAT team member showing off his CombatBet chip...never leave home without them! These SWAT officers are more than just coworkers...they have a bond much stronger. Their custom police challenge coins are a great token to show this bond!

Homeland Security Challenge Coin

Sometimes during the artwork design process, you may not know exactly what you want your custom challenge coins to say.  Here's an example for the TSA where two different versions of the back were presented.  Both of these look great...it's no problem to split your order between two different versions!  I imagine that these challenge coins are presented to those who do a great job of unmasking the wolves!


Federal Air Marshall Challenge Coins

CombatBet custom challenge coins are perfect for commemorating special programs within your law enforcement agency.  This artwork was for the Federal Air Marshall Critical Incident Response Program.  

Federal Air Marshall Chips Air Marshall Challenge Coins

Since our chips are completely custom, each division of a law enforcement agency can have their own personalized challenge coins.  When members of the different groups meet, they can exchange coins.  It's a superb way to have a common bond between members of an agency from different regions.

GT Police Department Challenge Coins

Jr Police Challenge Coins

Our law enforcement challenge coins are great not only for police officers, but also for Junior Police Academy and Citizen Police Academy graduates.  As you can see from the chips done for the Gloucester Police Department, we kept a common theme for the chips, but each one custom designed to the different uses.  The Police Department has their own police challenge coin, and then the junior police and citizen police graduates each earn their own coin!  What a fantastic idea!

These images also show the progression from artwork design stage to the actual challenge coins.  The edge stripe of artwork wraps around the chip, and the front and back feature the face artwork.  We are excited to work with you to create some amazing police challenge coins!

Police Training challenge coins

Our ceramic chips make wonderful training completion awards.  Training is an integral part of a law enforcement agency's success - and having a challenge coin to commemorate the successful completion of the course is a great personal touch. This artwork was from an order for the Richmond Police Department Training Academy - they train the best to be Richmond's finest!

Narcotic Police Challenge Coin artwork Narcotic police challenge coins photos

These chips were designed for a state of California police narcotics enforcement team.  What a great logo they have for their K9 officers!  These dogs mean business!  We really enjoy the photos our customers send in with their chips.  To see how proud they are to have their custom police challenge coins is a great feeling!  Look out bad guys, these officers are ready for you!

Police appreciation challenge coin

The Spinal Tap Crime Reduction Appreciation Coin is a perfect example of a small token that police officers can hand out to citizens who are supporting the police efforts.  It's up to everyone to help reduce crime, not just law enforcement.  These coins are an exceptional method of giving a token of recognition for those citizens who go out of their way to help make their city a safer place.

Search and Rescue Challenge Coin

The men and women who dedicate their lives to protecting and serving are a truly special group of people.  This police challenge coin from the Tuscaloosa Search and Rescue Team shows the sentiment that the members of their unit possess..."Here I am...Send Me!".  What an amazing demonstration of bravery to stand out and say they are ready and willing to do what others will not.  


Police recruiting challenge coin

Police departments are always looking for new officers.  Our police challenge coins are a unique handout to give to potential recruits! This ceramic chip was designed for the Austin Police Department's Recruiting Unit. Our custom chips are a great method of getting your information out - we can use your police dept logo, and include your website, phone number, email address, or any other contact information that you want to share with potential officers.  The police challenge coin makes a much bigger impression than a standard business card.

 K9 Police Challenge Coins

How do CombatBet police challenge coins make officers feel?  All you have to do is take a look at the smile on the officer on the left's face...what a huge smile he has, even though the K9 officer is attacking!  The Phoenix Police K9 Unit means business - no criminal is going to want this K9 coming after him!  

Police horse challenge coins

We've done plenty of K9 Unit challenge coins, but here's an example from a horse patrol unit of the US Border Patrol.  Our ceramic challenge coins are great because not only can you customize the front and back of the chips, you can also have text along the edge.  This is a great way to include a catch phrase onto your law enforcement challenge coins.  This phrase will definitely make you smile..."The only working unit with 1200lbs of muscle between its legs".  It's an awesome quote for the horse patrol unit!

Toronto Police challenge coins

Police challenge coins are a great way to boost morale.  Here's a photo of "The Hogs" from the Toronto Police Department, with their CombatBet chips.  Although the chips are a small token, there is such a significant symbolism to those who possess them.  Becoming a law enforcement officer is no easy task, and these challenge coins are well earned!

First Responder challenge coins

Our custom metal challenge coins are amazing presentation pieces.  When you have a truly special recognition, these are the perfect choice.  The colors are amazing, and really "pop".  These law enforcement challenge coins make wonderful awards and keepsakes.

Police brotherhood challenge coins

These ceramic chips show the unending bond between the officers in the Austin Police department.  On one side, the chips have this motto:
"When you walk in front of me, I shall always have your back. When you walk behind me, I shall always be willing to lay down my life for you. And so long as you walk beside me, I shall always call you my brother."  
What an amazing creed!  The other side of the chips lists the department's core values: Strength, Honor, Commitment, Duty, Faith, Brotherhood.
There is so much touching sentiment on these chips, I can only imagine the feelings that the members of this department feel when they hold these chips in their hands.

 Rutgers Police Challenge Coins

Do you need a large quantity of police challenge coins to hand out at big events?  CombatBet custom ceramic chips are the perfect solution!  We have three surfaces to work with (both sides of the chips plus the edge), giving a large canvas to get your message across.  We offer price breaks at 500 and 1000 chips, and shipping is a flat rate of $15 within the US regardless of quantity.  That's right...large orders are still just $15 shipping!

Police Air Support Challenge Coin

Our police department challenge coins are completely custom, so we can use your logos and photos!  Here's a design for the Los Angeles Police Department Air Support Division.  They have a great logo that we used on one side, and badge logo photo for the back of the chips. The ceramic chips make great challenge coins for all levels of law enforcement!

CID Challenge Coins

Here are some of the essentials for an Army CID Agent!  Never leave home without your challenge coin!  These coins are presented for excellence to CID agents at Joint Base San Antonio - Fort Sam Houston CID Office.  We are proud to see our law enforcement challenge coins being a big part of officers' lives!

Police challenge coins at the White House

Here's another example of the pride shown by police officers who receive a CombatBet challenge coin.  Sure, everyone likes to take their photo in front of the White House...but this officer took the time to take his photo proudly displaying his challenge coin!  It brings a great smile to our faces to know that our products are cherished and are so important in the lives of those who protect and serve!