We always enjoy hearing from our Combatbet custom challenge coin customers!  Read testimonials about our products below!

"I wanted to make you aware that I received my poker chips today. They are all I expected and more. These will be used as "take always" for my retirement dinner, as a thank you to my guests for attending. Your quality product will be a hit for sure. In addition, they arrived even sooner than expected, and that is much appreciated. I'll certainly be passing your company's information to all who will listen. Thank you, and I hope to do business with you in the future. "

CMSGT Debra F.

"Wanted to write to say thanks for the great quality poker chips I ordered and received several months ago. I have enjoyed passing these out and seeing the reaction; have even had several ask for the details of where I had them produced."

Shaun T. US Army

"I wanted to thank everyone at Combat Bet.  The personalized pokers chips were awesome.  They arrived as promised and exceeded expectations. It was a great inexpensive  way to say thank you to friends and loved ones who attended my retirement ceremony and reception, and coworkers who I was close to. Your product is excellent quality and the service is top shelf. It was a pleasure working with you and your staff. Thank you. Semper Fidelis."

Dan K. MGySgt USMC (Ret.)

"We received our poker chip order today and they look great as usual.  Thanks a Texas ton for all the help getting these to us."

Senior Master Sgt. Scott E., USAF

"Ok - YOU GOT ME!! I have worked in graphic layout/design for many years. It kills me that I do not have a program to layout & design our day to day needs. I piece together "things" in a PowerPoint doc - and fight the program the whole time!! 
When I saw your design - I acted like everyone else!! Excited!! Amazed!! And wanted to show EVERYBODY!!! Then - (thankfully) the graphic designer in me took over and I did what I was supposed to do - Look for spelling errors and make sure that is says what we wanted it to --- AND IT DOES!!  I am waiting for one other person to look it over so we know the amount to order - but you did a GREAT JOB and captured the "essence" of what we were looking for.  Stand-by for the official go ahead. Thanks so much Laura!!"

Lenore F. USAF

"Can't tell you how much I appreciate your great customer service. Head and shoulders above the last company I dealt with. Thanks!"

Steve C.

"Chips arrive. They are great!  Thank you!  As always you continue to win my business every transaction. Granted, you have a loyal customer already, but thanks. Hooah!"

Col. Jeffery J.

"Greetings! The challenge coins arrived today. I'm sure you are used to hearing that they are terrific. I'll definitely order more when I run out and will recommend this to others I know who are in the market."

Rutherford J.

"I received the chips in a very timely manner, thank you for that!!!  The chips were everything we hoped for, thanks to your team for putting this together. I will definitely be returning to Combatbet for future orders!!!!  Have a great day!"

TSgt. Paul A. USAF

"I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you once again for the great customer service and your advise to get a great product. The chips looked great! The red version was a little more popular, but they were very well received. A couple of groups asked where we had them done and I gladly shared your website with them. Thank you both again, and I look forward to working with you again."

Bruce M.

"Thank you very much. Also, thank you for understanding about the XXXX date. I'm the lead case agent on what now is an international XXXX and on XXXX we will be arresting about 20 of these folks around the country. The coin is just my token of appreciation to everyone who has helped me on this case. Which is about 200 folks. If I need to order more of the same design, I'll just send you an email before I order it. I appreciate everything Combatbet has done and for your service to our country. I am also a reservist and will share your company's information with the other officers at my unit."

Special Agent Anthony R.

"I received the coins the other day and they were absolutely perfect. I wasn't expecting the lettering around the perimeter...that was a nice surprise/touch. Laura -- thank you for putting together such a great representation of my last deployment's coin...it is even better than its predecessor. My squadron was thrilled. Thank you both for delivering such a wonderful and affordable product. I really appreciate what you guys were able to do for my squadron."

USAF Lt. Col. Mike G.

"Placed my order today for 200 chips using the attached design by Laura. This is my 3rd order w/Combatbet and it is always an excellent product at a great price. And Laura does awesome artwork in a timely manner taking care of customer needs. Thanks again!"

Chief Donnie B.

"Wow really love Laura's design so much that I opted to go up another size and doubled my order. (Follow-up after receiving the order) Gene, Just received my military poker chips this afternoon and I am very pleased with the overall product and design!  Thank you!"

CAPT Ariel N.

"I have received the chips and my girlfriend and I are completely blown away by the quality! Thank you guys so much! I will definitely be contacting you in the near future for a set of cash chips!"

John R.

"I just got the chips and they are incredible. The colors on them are bright and they feel great. People at work are going to love these and I know word will quickly spread. The coins are also very nice and make for a nice alternative to the current "over the top" expensive option of getting coins made at other online companies. I will start getting an idea ready for one that will be handed out to individuals that tour our facility."

Paul P.

"I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all of your help with our orders (past and present!). The Southwest Chips arrived today and they look great! I wish I had bumped up the contrast on the two martial artists a bit but thanks to the extra chips you graciously printed and sent, I now know how I need to tailor my artwork for the best results. That is huge for me that you guys went out of your way to facilitate that. Please pass this note on to your manager, owner etc and let them know Combat BET has been great to us, you have been great to us and we really appreciate the tremendous level of customer service and quality of product you provide."

Paul L.

"The Soldiers love them! The General Officers won't put them down! I put one in the CG's hand and he kept flipping in his hand! I am in his head! I need to get a count and see when we reorder."

Col. Tom A.

"I've been buying my personal coins from Combatbet for years and I still get remarks about the design and color. I give out hundreds each year. And, people are still asking for my Commander's Coin from when I was MOC Grand Commander of Texas two years back."

Allan P.

"I’ve been meaning to email you and let you know the coins are perfect. I am going to recommend you to anyone who can use your service.  Tomorrow I am going to Mack Strong (Former Seahawk) fundraising golf tournament and I am going to show him the coin.  His mother is a good friend of mine and I have been telling her about it.  I can see him giving these to the golfers who participated in it."

Caroline T.

"Just to wanted to let you know, our event was a huge success and the chips were a big hit.  Everyone loved them and commented on them. Of course, the biggest question was whether or not they could use it at the tables, as we were at a casino in Atlantic City! Thanks again."

Steve M. Rutgers University

"I just wanted to check back in with you, I'm not sure I ever sent you a thank you!  We absolutely love the chips, and will definitely be ordering more in the future.  Maybe we will even do one with a pic of the helicopter on one side. :)  I hope all is well there, thank you for being so great and attentive.  It is a pleasure doing business with you.  Take care and be safe!"

Jamie (LAPD Air Support Division)

"I received the chips, all are excellent and without flaw. COMBATBET custom chips are superior in quality and already more desirable than our Division coins! --and those were minted at OVER-8-TIMES the cost! This specific chip was supposed to be a one-time order, but I will most certainly need more. We anticipate periodic orders with new-designs to mark our organizational successes."


"We received our chips yesterday and they look fantastic! Everyone else is jealous; both because of the artwork and the quick turnaround time. I appreciate all the help with this! Hopefully I'll have some more business for you when I get back to Cherry Point! These are already starting to circulate around Kandahar. We've even given a few to the British who help us out a lot over here. People dig 'em!"

USMC GySgt, 2MAW, MALS-40 KAF Airframes

"Just wanted to send a quick thanks for your fast turnaround and great product. You did a chip for one of our officers that lost a very sudden bout with cancer. Sadly, John left behind a wife and four children. Thanks to your quick turnaround, just over one month after John's death, we had chips in hand that we were able to get out to his fellow officers. Thanks for such a great product at a great price. We will be working with you again in the future!""

San Jose Police Department

"Thank you again for the wonderful Chips - I love them and love to hand them out and watch the reaction of the Soldiers - it is great!!!! You have a wonderful company, a great product, and awesome customer service!!! Thank you!!! Best of luck to you and I look forward to purchasing more chips in the future."

ARMY LTCOL, Cavalry 5th DBE, S-TT Chief

"Received the chips and they are awesome. Expect some future orders from us of various designs and even from others that have already inquired about you guys. Production quality and price are spot-on. Thanks!"

USAF LTCOL Commander, 48th Logistics Readiness Squadron RAF Lakenheath, UK